An idea suddenly crystallized

And so it is. This is my very first post on my own blog. Actually, this is a very fresh idea that came to my mind this afternoon while I was enjoying my coffee here in Amstelveen. At first I thought this is going to be a place where I can share my professional passions and findings. Are you also fascinated by data science? I think we have a lot in common then. Currently I am taking one interesting online course to refresh my professional skills on data science (well, specifically in R and yes I love it). I will be trying to post my experiences and struggles here.

Wait, but what about those people also living in the Netherlands or ones who are curious about this country? I’ve been living in the Netherlands for a couple of years and have interesting insights to share. Are you an expat in this country as well? Posts about life in the Netherlands can be interesting to you.

However, I live far away from my family and friends. I stopped mailing them due to the lack of time and I think that would be a great chance to update them about the news from the Netherlands. Stay updated.

I am not making any promises about the frequency of my posts. I’m planning to post whenever I have some free time (big issue these days, ah?) and interesting ideas to share.

So what can you expect here? Well, you can expect posts related to data science and R, insights about life in the Netherlands and my homeland, links that I believe are worth sharing and some random stuff.

That being said, I can say with a confidence you won’t find anything that is too personal here. I have zero-tolerance to public psychotherapy. Period.

Let’s get started and enjoy!

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